Searched: A *very* simple email program


for an older person, who does not want to fiddle with all the bells
and whistles of email clients I am looking for a very simple and easy
to use email receive-and-send solution.

I thought of putting DSL (DSL=DamnSmallLinux) onto a USB-Stick which
gets booted and automatically downloads new email and sends emails,
which are in the queue already.
Configurinig the Linux OS accordingly should not be the problem.

But the client…

Normally email clients tends to be “feature rich”, which ok. For this
certain projekt I need the opposite.

I am looking for an email client with a graphical interface which has
as less features as possible. Ideal would be a client, which has
buttons to send email to certain people and button to download new
emails and an editor window or an email client which could be
stripped down to that including hardcoding the email addresses into

I searche RAA for a solution but the keyword “mail” gives me far too
much hits. More specific keywords matches nothing or the wrong
things, since the circumstances are too specific and seldom wanted.

Does anyone know about an email client in ruby, which I can use for
this ?

Thank you very much in advance for your help ! :slight_smile:


2006/3/7, Meino Christian C. [email protected]:

What about GMail? It has a simple and clean interface and sending
email isn’t too difficult Not 100% what you are looking for but
maybe it helps nevertheless.

Kind regards