Search-result referrals in Net::LDAP

All, I received an email from a gentleman who had a problem using
(library at Rubyforge) to query an Active Directory (A/D) server. He got
following error message:

This happens because many A/D servers are configured to return what LDAP
calls “Search-result referrals”- an additional LDAP URL that you are
encouraged to query in order to get additional relevant results. The
Net::LDAP library was not supporting this result-type. I’m in the
process of
adding it in now and will produce a patch shortly. Has anyone else
encountered this problem?

Another problem you are likely to see when querying A/D is that you
get back more than 1000 results no matter what you try. This is due to
“LDAP control” that A/D uses to prevent large queries. This has already
fixed in the HEAD revision of Net::LDAP.