Search Pluging , Acts_as_ferret with conditions

I have a search feature in my application.
I was using acts_as_ferret , i tried all possible ways to include the
conditions with it.

Model.find_with_ferret(query, :conditions =>{})

But dint succeed in it. So please some one help me with this , or else
please suggest a good search plugin which includes conditions. I tried
with solr but somehow not working because of some java configs and all.I
don’t know java , so have no clue about it.

Please Advice,

Thanks in Advance !

looks like you might need a nil in the middle, there. check the api.


On Sep 23, 11:23 pm, Neetal S. [email protected]


I have a question regarding the search plugins. How about UltraSphinx .
Ferret Good or Ultrasphinx?

Awaiting for experiences …

Best Wishes,
Saideep Annadatha

I would be very cautious with ferret, it is not maintained, check the
experiences of it, not really convincing… Thinking Sphinx or
Ultrasphinx is recommended often.

I use sunspot-solr (, which is
recent project standing on Apache Solr. It is continuously improving,
did not have any issue with it so far… very nice. Has also rails


I would suggest sphinx or solr Both very good projects. I have moved
two projects of ferret just not very stable in production…