Search Plugin - rake migrations error?; How to use?

I’m trying to add the “search” plugin to my Radiant site, and
encountering some problems. Firstly, I checkedout a copy to my
vendor/extensions folder.

svn export vendor/extensions/search

I then run the rake command as stated on the wiki.

rake db:migrate:extensions

However, this produced the following error:

Extensions cannot be used until Radiant migrations are up to date.
Anyway, I restarted my web-browser, and the search plugin seemed to
appear in the extensions list. However, how exactly would I go about
using this plugin? And will there be any ill effects from the rake
db:migrate command not working?


  1. You need to run rake db:migrate regardless.
  2. The search extension doesn’t have any migrations, so no worries


I have just updated a project from 0.5.2 to 0.6 and when I run rake
db:migrate I only obtain the message “Extensions cannot be used until
Radiant migrations are up to date.” And when I run script/server there
was an error message that the extension_meta table does not exists, so
indeed the migrations have not been executed.

The problem comes from the fact that the schema_info.version for my
project was 36 and the version for radiant 0.5 is 9. So, the solution
was to change the schema_version to 9 and then execute rake db:migrate.