Search function in this Forum?

This forum has been a great resource for me. It would be great if i can
search the forum before posting any question, as i’m sure someone has
already posted that question before. The search function has been
disabled for quite sometime now. I’ve already emailed the administrator
but haven’t got any response.

any idea on when this would be enabled ?


It would also be nice if the link was removed or dimmed while the
functionality is disabled.

I keep clicking on “Search” thinking it might be working now.

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On 8/2/06, Vs Yr [email protected] wrote:

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On Wednesday, August 02, 2006, at 7:26 PM, Sfdesigner S. wrote:
Which forum are you using? There are several ‘forum-like’ interfaces to
this mailing list.


They are talking about I know they are using
ferret for searching but I am not sure why it hasn’t been working.


On 2 Aug 2006 17:36:21 -0000, Kevin O.
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Rails mailing list
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Tom D.

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