Search Extension


I would like to add a search box to the home page of our radiant site
that will search only within the site.

I have exported the search extension (which I hope may do this), into
the extensions folder within radiant and it shows up in the extension
list within the admin interface.

However, I am lost as how to actually use it. There do not appear to be
any new search tags in the list of available tags.

Could someone give me a few pointers on how to add/use the search

Many thanks


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You need to make a page of the type “Search” that will do the processing
for you. When editing that page, you should be able to see information
about the tags, IIRC. If there is no information there, let me know and
I will go back and add documentation.



If we can add search extension upgrade requests, I’d love to be able
to specify a search field for a particular folder. So that I can
have a, “Search this site” AND a “Search our blog” type search (or
search our press room, etc.). I would also love to know how to add
live search, as it is a powerful feature, but how to get the plugin
working with live search is a little beyond my current knowledge.



Live search was originally in the plugin for 0.5.x, but I removed it
because I didn’t need it and I thought most people wouldn’t either.

As far as searching sections of the site, that proves much more
challenging than a simple search because you have to do joins or filter
the results after the fact. (It is do-able, but maybe this is a PDI.)
Excepting the title, breadcrumb and slug, all of the real content is
stored in models associated with the page, so you are really searching
through page-parts. If Radiant were using a nested-set organization for
the page/sitemap structure instead of a tradtional tree-list, scoping a
search would be easier.