Search and Filter application

Hello all,

i’m starting a new application and as i’m quite new to rails i want to
ask some advise to start this application.

I’m planning to create an application with a search and filter
function (like a “search for real estate” application) if the user
selects an option i want to count the result for the other options
available and all that. The idea is to make a back-end where the user
can manage the options and the options appear in the search

What would be the best approach to create an application like this in
rails? i’ve read something about named scopes and looked in to search
logic but i’m not sure this will help me out. If i have to write it
from scratch that’s no problem but i don’t want to miss a great gem or
option in rails that i didn’t know off.

hope somebody can help me on the right way.

Thanks in advance!


On Apr 27, 2:04pm, Daniel A. [email protected] wrote:

I’m not quite following what you mean here, but it sounds like Sunspot
might be able to help you do this sort of stuff:

For concreteness, here’s a site that uses that plugin to search job

The counts next to the items in the left-hand navigation are produced
by Sunspot ‘facets’; if I’m correctly understanding your mail, this
may be the sort of thing you’re looking for.

–Matt J.

Your example of the job search is exactly what i meant.

I was looking at Sphinx before for a “drilling down search” and i
never heard of but sunspot until now but it looks likes this is a
really good solution. I will give it a go as i came across this

Thank you Matt