SDRplay and gnuradio

Hi all!

First message here. Still learning to work efficiently with gnuradio.
is not the software, issue is the background theory of signal processing
that i need to shape up on. Using gnuradio is pretty easy. Knowing when
use what block is a whole different story.

Anyway, my question: I just purchased an SDRplay and want to use this in
gnuradio using the gr.osmocom block. I hear that some people have this
working, some have not. Are there people here that got this block
and if so, is this process to get the osmoblock to support SDRplay
documented somewhere?
The SDRplay developers tell us that it’s supposed to work.



Hi Ton,


Well, I don’t have an SDRplay device, but gr-osmosdr checks for the
existence of the libairspy library when you build it, and then should
automatically enable support.

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