SDR - GRC blocks for Z-Wave (9.6Kbps, FSK and Manchester decoding)

Hello guys,

IoT protocol Z-Wave transmits on

  1. set: 9.6Kbps | FSK | Manchester coding
  2. set: 40Kbps | FSK | NRZ coding
  3. set 100Kbps | GFSK | NRZ coding

I’ve used scapy-radio for receiving Z-Wave frames. They have implemented blocks for 2. set(40Kbps|FSK|NRZ) and I’m trying to configure blocks for 1. set (9.6Kbps|FSK|Manchester). However, I am not able to receive frames like for 2. set and I would like to ask what could be wrong.

Here are my current blocks for 1. set:

and here is output from ClockRecovery M&M:

Here are blocks from scapy-radio(40Kbps|FSK|NRZ) which works:

I don’t uderstand many things and some values are “random” or default:

Taps of Frequency Xlating FIR Filter:

Low Pass filter

and Clock Recovery M&M block.

Block Z-Wave PacketSink 9.6 is Manchester decoder and should work properly.

is here anybody, who can help me? I will appreciate any help.

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