SDR at Dayton Hamvention


I am attending Dayton this year and it is good that I will not miss out
on learning more about SDR. I plan on bringing a good portion of my
listening shack, including my USRP, to monitor Radio Communications in
the area. :slight_smile: My hotel is around 12 miles from Dayton International so
maybe I can pickup some 1090 MHz transmissions. The fun will be waking
up early to attend the sessions.

Friday Room 2
9:00 a.m. - 10:45 a.m. TAPR Digital
Moderator: David Toth, VE3GYQ
Speakers:John Ackermann. N8UR; TAPR " Open Hardware Licence"
Steve Bible, N7HPR; Scott C., WA2DFI; HPSDR Update
John Ackermann,N8UR: Timing Projects
Matt E., N2MJI; GNURadio

Saturday Room 1
8:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. Software Defined Radios
Open Source Software Defined Radios- the new wave in radio
The Future of radio is NOW and is moving forward at the speed of light!
Amateur radio operators are at the forefront of a technical revolution
in radio. In the foreseeable future, everyone will be able to configure
the ‘front panel’ of a, radio, spectrum analyzer, VNA, oscilloscope,
signal generator and more, all with the same hardware! Groundswell open
source amateur offerings of hardware and software ranging in price from
$29 to several hundreds of dollars are available. Come see what this
International excitement is all about, and win a Software Defined Radio!
(Must be present to win at end of presentations.)
Moderator: Eric Ellison,AA4SW
Speakers: Lyle J., KK7P; Introduction to the HPSDR-High Performance
Software Defined Radio Project.
Phil Harman,VK6APH, A Simple Approach to Learning Digital Signal
Jonathan Naylor,ON/G4KLZ; The µWave SDR Hardware and Software.
Alex Shovkoplyas,VE3NEA; Rocky, a View From Inside and Out.

73 Eric

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