Sdcc now available in Fedora

Hello everyone,

sdcc is now available from the Fedora Extras repositories (FC6 and
devel, FC5 coming up). I am the maintainer of the package, so please
report any problems with it directly to me, or, and I will look into it.

I have updated the wiki to reflect the changes, but there is one small
issue: Some of the names of the binaries in sdcc are very generic, and
they have therefore been moved to /usr/libexec/sdcc on Fedora, and
symlinks prefixed with sdcc- have been created in /usr/bin. This might
be a problem for existing programs, but the solution is simply to add
/usr/libexec/sdcc to PATH before building GNU Radio.

I have also created a patch to config/usrp_sdcc.m4 that does this
automatically (see attachment).

Now, onto the gnuradio spec fileā€¦