Scruffy Graphing

Hi All,

I have a CSV file

LOGLUN05,2012-12-15 18:53,2.905444
LOGLUN05,2012-12-15 18:55,4.197472
LOGLUN05,2012-12-15 18:57,11.204842

I want to Line graph the this with Scruffy.

But the graph didn’t come alright


require ‘rubygems’
require ‘scruffy’

graph =
graph.title = “Comparative Agent Performance”
graph.value_formatter =
graph.add :line, ‘loglun5’, [2, 4, 11]
graph.point_markers = [‘Jan’,‘Feb’, ‘Mar’] # this shouldn’t be like
this, it should have timestamps

graph.render(:width => 800, :as => ‘JPG’, :to => ‘lun.png’)

I want to graph with the exact values

Is it possible to do that with timestamps ?