"Scripted GUI Testing with Ruby" book

Hi, all.

Been meaning to post this here, and the one-month milestone seems as
good a time as any. The Pragmatic Programmers have recently released
my book, “Scripted GUI Testing with Ruby,” which shows by example how
to build up a series of acceptance tests for a desktop app using


The biggest example uses an existing open-source Windows program
(along with a Swing clone of it written for the book, so folks who,
like me, are on other platforms can run the examples). One of the big
themes of the book is rising out of the platform calls as smoothly as
possible to write tests in the problem domain. With that in mind, the
second half of the book makes short forays into other facets of GUI
testing: monkeys, table-driven testing, Watir / Selenium, and so on.

Feel free to write me (undees at gmail) if you have any questions.


Ian D.