I have a production site that has a couple of batch jobs, I have used
script/runner and cron to run these jobs. This works ok for jobs that
only run once overnight during off peak.

I am expiring sessions older than 30 mins every 15 mins using
script/runner, but I’m concerned about the hit of script/runner loading
up the whole rails environment, specifically since I only have a 256MB
slice, at such regular intervals.

What is a more efficient way of clearing down these sessions (using AR
store btw).

Any help is appreciated


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store btw).

Any help is appreciated

Have you checked what is consuming the memory?
The environment should take about 60mb (not 100% about that).
From my experience most memory consuming operations are related with
creating objects from find(:all, …) queries.
Can you change the ActiveRecord find into raw sql queries and compare
I remember case with my code - memory usage jumped from 600mb do 180mb
after changing find(:all, …) into sql.

The other thing is the script/runner - I don’t know if it will make
any difference but you could try with rake task’s instead of script/