Script/runner to send e-mails


First, I have been learning, and loving, Ruby on Rails for a few weeks
now, and a huge part of my initial success ans enjoyment is due to this
forum… so for that, thank you. I hope to contribute regularly.

Ok, I know there are related threads, but I want to get a confirmation
or denial that the workflow I am about to embark on is correct.

I have a db of e-mail addy’s, messages and datetime’s. I want to get a
script running that will send e-mails, to the appropriate e-mail
address, at the datetime specified.

From what I understand the script/runner command can execute methods in
the model. If that’s true, do I need to write a function, in my model,
that retrieves the ‘expired’ messages, and uses ActionMailer to send
them out? All in the model?

Something about that just doesn’t seem right… but perhaps it is. Any
comments arre greatly appreciated!