Script/runner permission denied


I have been running ferret for several months now, but want to make use
of the new Drb functionality. So I am running Rails Stable (off the
branch), Ferret 0.11.4, and the latest AAF. I have a ferret_server_yml
file in my RAILS_ROOT/config folder:

host: localhost
port: 9009
pid_file: log/

And I took the three scripts from the AAF plugin and put them into my
RAILS_ROOT/scripts folder.

I try to start the server with

RAILS_ENV=production ruby script/ferret_start

And get the following error:
env: script/runner: Permission denied

I have tried starting it using sudo (just for kicks) and didn’t make a
difference. I’ve searched everywhere, but am completely stumped. Has
anybody come across a problem like this?


P.S. I’m running the latest OSX on Intel.