Script/process/spawner silently failing

Hi all,

I set up a standard Capistrano deployment on a new host.
To start the Mongrels, “script/spin” calls “script/process/spawner
It prints a few lines as if everything were normal, however the
mongrels are not started and it doesn’t create any files in log or tmp
that would give me a clue on what happened.
If I start Mongrel via script/server -e production everything works as
Any hints on where to find debugging output?
BTW I’m running 2.1.2.



Hello all,

I’m having this exact problem (albeit with rails 2.0.2–I can’t
upgrade this particular app without breaking things there’s no money
to fix). Any ideas?


A. Wilson

I hope this doesn’t double-post.

I have this issue as well. Any ideas?

-A Wilson


I figured out what the problem was in my case.
It turned out that the mongrel gem hadn’t installed the mongrel_rails
executable for some reason.