Script/console is spanked in 2.0.2

When I run script/console in a 2.0.2 project, the cursor point gets
off by one character after I do a backspace.

Lets say I type

irb ActionControllet

If I hit backspace, instead of deleting the "t’ at the end. it deletes
the e and leaves the t, so I get

irb ActionControll t
and blinking cursor is under the t
I then type e and get

irb ActionControll e
hitting backspace twice gives me

irb ActionControl e
with the cursor under the second empty space

if you continue, the spot where the cursor is and the spot where the
new character appears just keep getting further apart from each other
and the inmates begin running the insane asylum.

The whole thing is spanked.

This doesn’t happen in other rails versions (1.1.6 or 1.2.3)

anyone else get this behavior

I was thinking about creating a ticket in (what ever it is now) as a
bug, but not unless someone else says they have the same problem.
Maybe it’s just me.

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