Script/console .irb_history is messed up

for some reason when i exit script/console, even with an empty
~/.irb_history, it copies a bunch of commands i didn’t type into
irb_history. they are commands i typed, just not in that particular
session, and not in a recent session. as far as my window manager can
reveal to me i have no other open irb sessions. these are the exact
steps which happen with the problem:

i truncate ~/.irb_history by opening it in textmate and deleting the
contents, save/close
tail -f .irb_history

go into my rails project, do:

loads console, i type ‘exit’

when it exits the console, tail logs a hundred or so commands i typed
in to console something like 3 days ago. i hope somebody can help, its
breaking my irb history which is really frustrating and interrupts my
workflow everytime i close and reopen script/console