not working as expected

I’ve got:

<%= javascript_include_tag :defaults %>

in my layout.

In the first case I have a form with button_tag:

radio_button(‘subject’, ‘valid_number_T’, ‘T’, ‘id’=> ‘valid_number_T’,
‘onclick’ => “Effect.SlideDown(‘call-details’)”)
radio_button(‘subject’, ‘valid_number_F’, ‘F’, ‘id’=> ‘valid_number_F’,
‘onclick’ => “Effect.SlideUp(‘call-details’)”)

In the second case, non-form field is used with link_to_remote:

link_to_remote “+”, :visual_effect => :toggle_blind

No javascript errors are thrown, the source looks sound, tested on both
Firefox 2.0 and Safari, but the effects are not fully working.

In both cases, the div in question is hidden or shown. But the effects
only work some of the time or not at all. I’ve tried using
visual_effect method, putting them in the onclick option of the tag and
so on.

Are the libraries considered beta’sh or more for example then function
or am I fudging the works up somewhere?

How fast is your computer and how much stuff is underneath the
div? Javascript effects are very processor intensive, especially when
are also a lot of items to move into place of the now invisible element.
can assume that works, but you can’t assume that the
will always work based on how well your machine can handle the code.


The system is definately not the issue. Like 3g of ram, year old dual
g5 powermac.

typical div contents would be about 5 lines of:

6:00-6:30pm Class Name InstructorName

or about 8 form tags depending on the app.