Screencast: JRuby Producing Realtime Audio

Hi all,

I thought you might be interested in a project to that allows you to
realtime VST audio plugins in Ruby.
I am one of the developers of this project and have recently created a
screencast that demos some of the really nice features that we have.

In the screencast, I show:

  • how the Rake task creates binaries for windows, linux and OSX
  • that changes in the ruby files of a running plugin are audible
    immediately. The ruby interpreter is restarted and loads the
    new version of the audio algorithm while it is producing audio
  • how to develop a GUI via an attached IRB session for the running
    audio plugin, again while it is running and producing audio

Heres the video: Opaz PlugDK Demo - Live Ruby VST coding! on Vimeo

Further info:
Project website: GitHub - thbar/opaz-plugdk: Implement your VST plugins with JRuby, Mirah, Java and JavaFX

Let me know what you think,


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