Screen for adding/deleting items from 2 List Boxes and linking with search page

Basically need to develop a GUI which can be helpful in adding/removing
items from one listbox to another. This should be linked to a previous
search page to retrieve the items from a simple search. I have developed
a Swing GUI for the same (see attachment file : AccountsMaintenance.rb).
But need to develop the screen using Ruby on Rails MVC. I have developed
the rhtml code using >, >>, <, << buttons. Please let me know if the
rhtml code is correct. Also, if an item is double clicked from the list
box to the left, it should be added to the right list box and
conversely, if it is double clicked from right list box, it should be
transferred to the left list box.

This page would be a search results page and need to be linked to the
original search page. Need the logic for the search button basically.

Hi folks,

Anybody come up with any ideas ? Please let me know ASAP.

– Cheers

Anybody has the correct approach for this ? Please let me know.

what exactly is your problem / question?

On 2012-03-06, at 10:59 , Panamanian Boy wrote:

Tim L. wrote in post #1050333:

what exactly is your problem / question?

On 2012-03-06, at 10:59 , Panamanian Boy wrote:
Basically, want to develop code for transferring items between two list
boxes in JRuby syntax using buttons >,>>,<,<< and also using double
click on a selected item, it should get transferred to either of
the boxes. Can you let me know the details & syntax and whether
javascript functions could be used ?

Are you looking for jQuery the Javascript library? This is the jRuby
list, a Ruby language implemented on the JVM.

-Justin C.

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