Scoped Proxy 1.0

== What?

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
scoped_proxy :role do |role|
:find => { :conditions => [‘role = ?’, role] }
scoped_proxy :deleted, :find => {
:conditions => ‘deleted_at is not null’

admins = User.role(‘admin’)
admins.count # => 12
admins.find(:all) # => [ … ]

User.deleted.count # => a number

== More!

Swiss.rb is a small project for a small country. Here we’ll release all
sorts of small projects that we would not release otherwise - partly
issued by the local ruby user group, partly things we develop for

ScopedProxy is a small plugin for ActiveRecord that allows you to name
a set of sql conditions (like role(‘admin’)) and then access it through
that name. Really the logical consequence of with_scope!

This latest version has default proxies that take effect when no other
proxy is in effect. This is quite useful for always restricting search,
not just when using a named proxy.

== Get your copy

or maybe

gem install ScopedProxy

== Earlier Releases

Were on my old blog - now we have an official project
home (, and one that isn’t so
enterprisey :wink: Please let us know what you think! If you have something
to contribute - please get in touch. Happy Hacking!

best greetings

Kaspar S.

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