Scite editor issue


Hi i’m new to ruby on rails and the ruby language. I’ve been following a
book i have called beginning ruby and i’m at a point where i’m about to
create my first app… however… i can’t get my .rb file to run using the
Scite text editor. When i press F5 all i get is:

ruby analyzer.rb
The system cannot find the file specified.

I’m new… so don’t hate me! I just don’t know what to do at this point…
as it says nothing in the book and nothing when i search in google for a



Just in case anyone else gets this problem here is the solution i found
whilst on a IRC ruby language channel:

This is under a windows platform btw:

In windows go to start -> control panel -> system -> advanced tab ->
environment variables
In here you add the file path of where you ruby.exe file is(the default
should be C:\ruby\bin) to the variable called “Path” in the “system
variables” section… so edit the “Path” variable and stick
“;C:\Ruby\bin” on the end… and it should work after a scite restart…

note that the “;” at the beginning of the directory path is to end the
last variable entry and may not be needed if there already is one.