Sciprt/plugin woes

Is anyone else having problems using this interface?

If I make a new rails app and do a

Script/plugin list

everything looks fine

If I do a discovery and say yes to every source and then try to list

More than half the time it is broken and on doing a

Script/plugin -v list

you can see lots of bad linkages

Is it just best to use manual downloads and install that way?

Why have this script then?

Upon investigation its revealed this just scrapes a webpage in the wiki

And of course anyone can update this page and corrupt the integrity

This webpage scraping seems too fragile to be useful

It is fragile, for sure.

We’re working on it.

You can do this: script/plugin discover http:// Usually you’ll get
better results than the default discover.

I’d recommend just going to tp://
to search for the one you want, then script/plugin install .

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