SCGI and lib/

For some reason, SCGI and Webrick both have problems when I use a
require statement for a .rb I have in my project’s lib/

Refreshing the page changes the error and it says it can’t find my
routes.rb, even though it spits out a directory structure that should
lead it right there.

No such file to load – ./config/…/config/routes.rb

RAILS_ROOT: ./config/…

FastCGI and CGI both run fine.

I tried SCGI both by installing it by hand and using Instant Rails. (I
am on win32) Both end up the same.

Has anyone seen this before? I’d like to more my development to SCGI
as for some reason FastCGI errors out in a few requests on this box.
(The same setup works just fine on my second laptop sigh)


I get weird errors like this with scgi sometimes. Killing scgi seems
to make it go away. Make sure scgi has actually stopped by inspecting
your process list. Quite often “scgi_ctl stop” or restart doesn’t
actually stop it.

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