Scalable rails deployment and hosting in europe..?


I just finished my first commercial rails project and run into a
problem I guess many rails developer do. Deployment and hosting. (rails
is easy to develop in, hard to deploy)

Because of company politics (government involvment etc.) it needs to be
hosted locally in the Netherlands or europe.

What I want is scalable solution (VPS?) for my hosting and deployment
with capistrano.

After seraching the net I cant find any good ( only shared hosting, no
deployment options and not really scalable ) solutions in europe.

So now I have been pushing my boss that we should set something up like
it here locally. He says no and think there is no market for it here,
help me to prove him wrong.

What do you think, is there a market for serious rails hosting and
deployment it in europe aswell?

Please share some of your tought with me.

Have a nice weekend!

Of course there is a market for Rails Hosting in Europe.
Market and people are the same and so is the money.
But I am surprised its taking so long.