Scalable European VPS-hosting for Rails

Is there anyone that have any experience from high-end European (pref.
Nordic) VPS-providers with propositions similar to Joyent Accelerator,
Railsmachine etc. (Rails installed out of the box).

We’re deploying a Rails-based Web Service that will only run for four
weeks, but load will be peaking at approx. 300 req. / sec. during that
time. Most request will be cached so it’s not that DB-intensive.
Bandwidth and reliability are our main concerns, price is not.

Are there any European host “success-stories” such as Twitter/Joyent? It
seems that none of the big US players have European datacenters, or am I
missing something?

Best regards and many thanks,

I think Engine Y. is going to open in England, but I do not think
it is up and running yet.