Sass-rails + sprockets seems to work just fine (for straight-up CSS)?

Sass-rails is pretty emphatic about not using Sprockets’ require
directives: “Sprockets provides some directives that are placed inside
of comments called require, require_tree, and require_self. DO NOT USE

But I wanted to include a vendored CSS file without having to do any
work (like renaming the file to _asset.css.scss), and things like
@import asset-path('lionbars.css', stylesheet) just didn’t work. So I
tried using Sprockets’ require, and presto, problem solved, works in
both dev and production. But I’m afraid I may have offended the
sass-rails gods (Chris Eppstein)?

So in short, is require just fine for regular vendored CSS? Or are
there dragons in here somewhere that I haven’t spotted yet?