Sampling frequency


Am trying to receive FM broadcasting signals in the range 88-108Mhz.i
receive the desired band.actually i tried to receive 106.4Mhz.i ve a
in the sampling rate which i choose which may be the reason for not
receiving.can anybody tell what should be the sampling rate and
factor to be chosen to receive signal in this range.


Granted this example is a bit outdated, but should help. Also, see

Basically, use google - which is how I found these.


On 04/09/2011 11:28 PM, ranjini ram wrote:

There’s already a wideband-FM receiver example–you could look at the example
in …/gnuradio/gnuradio-examples/python/usrp2.

I’d use a USRP2-to-host bandwidth of 250KHz.

You can create a simple FM receiver within GRC in about 10 minutes,
since there’s already an
FM demodulator block–although it would just be monophonic. You’d
need more sophisticated
processing to do FM stereo–and I think someone posted such a
flow-graph last week on this list.

The WBX card is tunable from 50MHz to 2.2GHz, so you should be easily
able to tune the standard
North American FM broadcast band, and use a small antenna going into
the RF port.

If your flow-graph is RX-only, I think the UHD code will use the TX/RX
port by default for your
RX signal path.