Safari 4 Beta/Webkit Reloading Image Before I Can Verify It


I’m running WebKit and also have Safari 4 Beta installed (reason I
mention the latter is because Webkit seems to “inherit” some Safari 4
Beta features like the new tab behavior).

Anyhoo, I noticed my captchas stopped working. From looking at the
inspector under the “resources” section I see that Webkit is loading the
captcha image twice when the page loads.

That shouldn’t necessarily be a problem but somehow I think the browser
is displaying the first image result and not the second. As a result
when my app submits the captcha for verification it’s always wrong.

No such problem in Firefox 3.1b3.

Am I losing it or is Webkit/Safari 4 Beta doing something very wierd.

(and yes I checked out the demo and that
works fine! I’m puzzled)


BTW here’s a screenshot of the Webkit/Safari Inspector showing the
resources view. See the captcha image being loaded twice there?