S3 Rake - "Don't know how to build task s3:backup:db"

Hi there,

I added Adam G.'s S3 Rake script to my rails app. and it works
great on my local box under development but after ‘cap deploy’ on the
production server it wont run saying,

rake RAILS_ENV=production s3:backup:db --trace
Don’t know how to build task ‘s3:backup:db’

If I run locally “rake -T” the task gets displayed but if I do “rake -
T” on the server the task wont show.

I have the same rake versions on both machines (rake, version 0.7.3)
and the same Rails versions 1.2.2

anybody knows what is wrong ?

I’m not familiar with S3, but is it a plugin? If so do you have
config.plugins specified in production.rb and forget to include that
plugin? I’m just taking a stab in the dark, but thought it might help.

thanks william,

it is not a pluging, it is a .rake task under lib/tasks

I assume that you checked that the task file was actually uploaded and
that the permissions are fine? There is definitely nothing wrong with
your syntax.