Ryby and javascript library

Hi there folks!

I want to use autobahn.js library in Ruby. I found out there is ruby gem
called execjs to run some javascript in ruby. The autobahn library is
pre-build. Could you tell me how to load this library to use it in Ruby?

when I do this:

require “execjs”
require “open-uri”
source = open(“http://coffeescript.org/extras/coffee-script.js”).read
context = ExecJS.compile(source)

there is no problem, but when I try this:

require “execjs”
require “open-uri”
source = open(“http://autobahn.s3.amazonaws.com/js/autobahn.js”).read
context = ExecJS.compile(source)

there is error - window is not defined (ExecJS::ProgramError) I read
official execjs site but found only this.

I’ve done some research and found similar problem here:

I’ve installed node.js and jsdom but can’t find any example how to put
this all together in ruby.

Perhaps you can load this via opal.