Rx_sample_to_file rate and bandwidth parameters


I try to use rx_samples_to file (one of example of uhd) to log some GPS

But I get the following issue:

  1. I set the rate to 2.048e6 but I got 2.0408e6. is there anyway I can
    get 2.048e6 ?

  2. I set bandwidth 16.0e6, I got 15.89e6. how to correct this

  3. I set freq to 1575.42M I got the exactly the same freq. This is good
    but questionable since I use USRP N200 internal clock which should give
    me some offset

  4. What the output data format? I think data from USRP is I,Q,I,Q,I,Q…
    and I and Q are short integer, but I need confirm that