Rweb 0.2.0

The RWEB literate programming tool for Ruby has been updated to version
0.2.0. Support for XHTML-based literate documents intead of plaintext
alone has been added, as has transparent syntax highlighting if the
required library (syntax) is available. (If not, it just formats code
nicely without syntax highlighting.)

Version 0.2.0 is still very much beta quality, but fully usable
including the (to my knowledge) unique ability to directly execute
literate code without manually tangling. Future releases will include
external plug-in capabilities (for inserting your favourite document
processing system), selectable syntax highlighting, selectable XHTML
modes (standalone vs. blog, for example) and a few other minor
enhancements (including an external plug-in for Markdown/BlueCloth

Project page is with being the home page (currently just the RDOC