RWB, not quite an announcement

Explanation and disclaimer:
RWB is a web load/performance testing library currently being
developed. It is already capable of supporting many testing needs,
but is not yet completely functional.

While I was puttering on the bus this morning, I implemented
graphing performance quartiles by URL. It’s not quite where I
want it, but I thought I’d toss out a quick example to see if
other folks liked where it was heading, or had suggestions to
improve it.

– Total Requests: 1000
Total time for testing: 10.109162 secs
Requests per second: 98.9201676657274
Mean time per request: 104 msecs
Standard deviation: 68
0:[|–±--| ] :1000
0:|–+| ] :1000
0:|–±-| ] :1000
0: |–±-| ] :1000

The next release (0.3.0) which will include the above, should also
include GET/PUT specification, cookie handling, and a set_up
method to allow the test to log in, start a session, etc.


Can we download this somewhere?

yes, it’s available from