RWB: call for feedback|developers

What is RWB

RWB, the Ruby Web Bench, provides a simple way to manage a
performance and load tests suite for your webserver. Unlike ab, by
which it was inspired, it will allow you to build a collection of test
with corresponding weights which it will use to generate the actual
that it runs (and reports on).

RWB could be used for:

  • testing your website to ensure that it performs within timing
  • testing a new webserver to verify that performance is at least as
    as your existing server
  • testing a website to verify that it will handle expected load

Why this email?

I’m continuing to work on RWB (adding POST and GET functionality to
tests, adding the ability to test sessions, improving reporting, etc.),
I’ve realized two things:

  1. I don’t have nearly enough time to do everything that I want to
    with it
  2. I need to get more feedback from people about what else it should

To fix both of these problems, I’ve started an RWB mailing list
(details at if you’re
interested) where I’d like
to discuss the future of RWB, coordinate with other folks who’d like to
on it, etc… I’ve also added a survey, which you can fill out here:
(I’ll try to keep surveys coming for people to provide quick feedback
needing to subscribe to the mailing list.)

Why should you care?

I intend to make RWB a very flexible, very capable, but easy to use
framework for testing the capacity and performance of all kinds of
(This doesn’t include unit testing or general functional testing
though – there
are other ways to do that, and I don’t want to get distracted from RWB’s

It’s part way there already. While it’s still clearly an alpha level
tool, it can
already do a lot of things without making your head hurt. Changes and
additions currently underway are going to make it even better. With
hands RWB can get better, faster.

If you’re unhappy with your current web testing tools, think they
could be better, or aren’t load/performance testing your website yet RWB
could be (or become) the right tool for you.

What can you do about it?

Join the mailing list and/or the development and help make RWB the
best way for people to test their websites.


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