Rwb 0.2.1

RWB, the Ruby Web Bench, provides a simple way to
manage a performance and load tests suite for your
webserver. Unlike ab, by which it was inspired, it
will allow you to build a collection of test URLs with
corresponding weights which it will use to generate the
actual tests that it runs (and reports on).

Version 0.2.1 was released this morning, and is available

There are some underlying changes to how request
results are stored (which will allow even richer reporting
in the future). I’ve also adding some (ascii) graphs of
performance quartiles, for example the script below:

require ‘rwb’

urls =
urls.add_url(10, “”)
urls.add_url(10, “”)
urls.add_url(70, “”)

queries = [‘foo+bar’, ‘bar+baz’, ‘quux’]
urls.add_url_group(10, "", queries)

tests =, 100, 20)

generates output like this:
$ ruby -Ilib quick.rb
completed 10 runs
completed 20 runs
completed 30 runs
completed 40 runs
completed 50 runs
completed 60 runs
completed 70 runs
completed 80 runs
completed 90 runs
completed 100 runs
Concurrency Level: 20
Total Requests: 100
Total time for testing: 2.021048 secs
Requests per second: 49.4792800566835
Mean time per request: 236 msecs
Standard deviation: 342
Overall results:
Shortest time: 30 msecs
25.0%ile time: 74 msecs
50.0%ile time: 98 msecs
75.0%ile time: 185 msecs
Longest time: 1281 msecs
0: ±| :1000
0: [|±—| :1000
0:[ |±-| :1000
0: |------±-------------------------------------:1000

(Additional examples of use can be seen at

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