RVM and Rails


I am wondering what is the best practice for using gemsets with rails

What is the correct workflow for developing multiple rails3 projects
each with its own gemset. SPECIFICALLY I am not sure where I do a “gem
install rails” when I will have more than one rails project. Do I need
to “gem install rails” in each gemset? Or can I “gem install rails” in
a directory named [say] ~/work/rail3…


In ~/work/rails3 I do

rvm use ree@global
gem install rails

This installs rails3 in global gemset

Now… In ~/work/rails3 I can

rails new blog

This will create the rails directory structure in ~/work/rails3/blog

So… now I am in ~/work/rails3/blog and I want a gemset for this

So should I…

rvm gemset create blog
rvm use ree@blog

… but I did “gem install rails” in @global and I am now one
directory deeper and in @blog so rails gems are not in there…
correct? Do I need to do a “gem install rails” in @blog?

I feel I am not getting the workflow correct for using RVM and

Any help? God bless you!


On Jan 31, 2011, at 5:48 PM, slindsey3000 wrote:


I am wondering what is the best practice for using gemsets with rails

No idea if it’s best practice, but I create a gemset for every project.
Then in the rails root of that project put “rvm gemset use xxxx” in
.rvmrc so every time I cd into that directory it’s loaded.

For gems you always want installed in new gemsets look in
~/.rvm/gemsets/ at default.gems and global.gems.

I wouldn’t put Rails in there though… what if you have to work on an
old rails 2 project? I put bundler, rake, and open_gem in mine as I use
those all the time…

THere’s probably better info on the RVM website about all this…

Good luck!

Thanks for your response.

What I am still not getting is where I should have the rails gem
installed? In my root “work” directory I need to be able to run
“rails new projectname”. So that creates a new directory “work/
projectname” … but using rvm the rails gem is not in this directory
when I make a .rvmrc for this project.

It just seems odd to me to have to keep doing gem install rails… I
feel like I am missing something?


On Tue, Feb 1, 2011 at 10:59 AM, slindsey3000
[email protected]wrote:

For me, I know it does take space but just to be meticulous I do install
rails anew for each project (I do use the --no-rdoc --no-ri options and
really does not take so long). That said I am also generally taking the
newest release version.

So you do end up with a chicken and egg problem, so what I do is the
following sequence - first create the gemset, install rails, then create

rvm gemset create my_new_app
rem 1.9.2-p136@my_new_app
gem install rails
rails my_new_app
cd my_new_app