Rutema_web 1.0.0 Released

rutema_web version 1.0.0 has been released!

IMPORTANT: This releases changes the name of the gem from rutemaweb to
rutema_web (for the sake of consistency with existing and upcoming gems)
You might wanna do gem uninstall rutemaweb to get rid of the previous


rutema_web is the web frontend for rutema.

It can be used as a viewer for database files created with the rutema
ActiveRecord reporter.
It also provides you with some basic statistics about the tests in your
database in the form of
diagrams of debatable aesthetics but undoubtable value!



rutema_web [results.db] and browse to http://localhost:7000 for the
glorious view



1.0.0 / 2009-07-17

  • renamed gem to rutema_web for consistency
  • updated gem dependencies for active_record (2.3.2)
  • switched from ramaze to sinatra
  • no more require “rubygems” in the library code. The rutema_web script
    will do this.
  • gem dependencies are enforced in a separate file
  • fixed the folding javascript - now using jQuery
  • updated the project infrastructure (hoe etc.)

0.9.5 / 2008-11-28

  • Overlooked conditional in Statistics index action fixed

0.9.4 / 2008-11-28

  • Configuration file column added to run overview
  • More code to check for old OpenStruct instances of context
  • statistics graphs
  • rutemaweb now depends on gruff (and consequently on
    RMagick/ImageMagick) for the generation of graphs - It will work without
    but if you want the pretty colors you need gruff.

0.9.3 / 2008-11-07

  • Fixed bug in display of run list (context incorrectly used)

0.9.2 / 2008-11-05

  • failure rate added in scenario overview
  • context information added to run overview

0.9.1 / 2008-10-16

  • relaxed gem version rules for rutema versions

0.9.0 / 2008-10-06

  • Updated design (actually designed something that is half-way usable)
  • Left panel lists latest runs with status
  • Scenario list now shows title and description
  • Lists are now paginated
  • requires rutema 1.0.0
  • Moved up to ActiveRecord 2.1.1 and Ramaze 2008.06

0.8.0 / 2008-07-03

  • rutemaweb gets it’s own gem!
  • Test case presentation now vertical with new ruport formatter.
  • Folding of output and error for test case details