Rutema 0.3 Released

rutema version 0.3 has been released!

This newest release adds a new tool to the Rutema arsenal, rutemah, plus
an ActiveRecord reporter that will save test run results in a SQLite

rutemah is at the moment (using Ruport :slight_smile: ) capable of producing a
report over all test runs for any named test or for all tests.

Future releases will allow you to reproduce any report created with the
rutemax reporters in addition to providing an overview of test results
over time.


Rutema provides the basis for building tools that can manage the
execution of tests as well as an example implementation as
proof-of-concept for the ideas behind it.

Itโ€™s purpose is to provide a set of classes and a framework that will
allow testers to specify and execute tests in heterogeneous testing

A heterogeneous testing environment would be one where several testing
tools are put to use, each with itโ€™s own scripts and ways to define
Rutema will allow you to combine tools, take care of logging, reporting,
archiving of results and formalize execution of automated and manual

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0.3 / 2007-05-30

  • Reporter implementations moved to own file
  • Reporter interface changed (Runner stati now passed directly as a name
    indexed Hash, specifications passed as well)
  • ActiveRecordReporter with SQLite DB added
  • rutemah (the Historian) added in tools. The Historian reads from
    ActiveRecordReporter databases

0.2 / 2007-05-21

  • bin/ files included in gem
  • rutemax: missing configuration file is now checked before passed to
    the system