Rupyscript2exe for Mac / Linux and good tutorial

Hi, all

I was wondering if somebody can recommend 2 things:

  1. An alternative for rubyscript2exe for Mac / Linux. It would be
    really nice if there was a unified way to “compile” quote on quote a
    wxruby app into an executable/installer for Mac and Linux. ( I know Mac
    comes with Ruby pre-installed, but what if I need to use specific gems,
    that are not in the standard distribution of ruby? Or s specific
    version? Also most Linux flavors don’t have Ruby preinstalled)

  2. Can somebody recommend good tutorials for creating executables /
    installers for each platform. I found some stuff for Windows and
    rubyscript2exe doc is pretty thorough, but I can’t find anything for
    other platforms.

I may be asking a lot - if so tell me :slight_smile: I’m a newbie to GUI
development - I was doing cli scripting and web development for the past
10 years ( and some Java GUI long time ago in school). But recently I
came across RealBasic ( which is a commercial language and has a
paid-for IDE), but it’s very easy to compile ready apps for all three
platforms. I love Ruby - and it’s my language of choice for web
development and I was hoping it could stay so for desktop app
development :slight_smile:


i dont know about mac but rubyscript2exe can be used in Linux
and it runs pretty good,
better than in windows perhaps

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