Ruport-util 0.7.0 : csv2ods and other fun stuff

== What is it?

ruport-util provides a home for marooned former parts of Ruby Reports,
and newer fringe ideas.

== Examples of new stuff

csv2ods and Ruport::Formatter::ODS

ruport-util now comes with a tool called csv2ods which will convert a
csv file to an OpenDocument spreadsheet file. You do not need installed to use this tool.

– usage:

csv2ods my.csv my.ods

This is simply implemented as a Ruport table formatter, so you can use
it programatically, too.

For example, if you’re reporting against an ActiveRecord model

class MyModel

MyModel.report_table(:all,:conditions => [“name = ?”, “Fat

Streamlined Report class

Our report runner has been simplified and many dumb features were cut
out of it.

One cool new feature is implicit file type handling:

class MyReport < Ruport::Report


attr_accessor :file

def renderable_data
t = Table(file)
t.sub_table { |r| r.a == “foo” }


MyReport.generate do |report|
report.file = “in.csv”
report.save_as “out.csv” # renders to csv
report.save_as “out.pdf” # renders to pdf
puts report.to_text # renders to screen as text

rope has been updated to generate the new Report definitions.

== Getting Ruport

To use ruport-util, you’ll need Ruport >= 0.12.0

sudo gem install ruport -y

== Installing ruport-util

It’s on RubyForge:

gem install ruport-util -y

== Using

require “ruport”
require “ruport/util”

then just use whatever tools you want.

== Full Feature List as of 2007.06.07:

  • Basic Graphing (util/graph)
  • Report runner (util/report)
  • Report Mailing (util/mailer)
  • Report Manager (util/report_manager)
  • Invoices (util/invoice)
  • PDF form helpers (util/pdf/form)
  • ODS formatter for tables (util/ods)
  • Benchmarking Tool (util/bench)
  • Ruport centric code generation via the rope command.
  • csv to OpenDocument conversion via csv2ods

See example/ for more information

== Help?

This code is unstable, evil, and possibly buggy until further notice.

Please report any problems on the Ruport mailing list:

I forgot to mention: Many thanks to manveru for joining the Ruport
core team and adding in all the ODS stuff!

(He also converted all our ruport-util tests to specs, so double

Turns out I forgot to add the dependency for rubyzip to the gemspec.
Just added it and did an 0.7.1 release.

you can of course, do a manual gem install rubyzip if you’d like.