Ruport-util 0.13.0

== What is ruport-util? ==

A collection of utilities and support libraries for Ruby Reports[0].

It currently has support for:

  • Basic Graphing via OpenFlashChart, AmCharts, Gruff and Scruffy (util/
  • Report runner (util/report)
  • Report Mailing (util/mailer)
  • Report Manager (util/report_manager)
  • Invoices (util/invoice)
  • PDF form helpers (util/pdf/form)
  • ODS formatter for tables (util/ods)
  • XLS formatter for tables (util/xls)
  • Ability to read ODS / XLS into a Ruport table
  • Benchmarking Tool (util/bench)
  • Ruport centric code generation via the rope command.
  • csv to OpenDocument conversion via csv2ods

== What’s new in this release? ==

Thanks to roo and some Ruport hacking by Wes Hays, we now can do
things like this:

t = Table(“foo.ods”)
t = Table(“foo.xls”)

From here, you could use any of the Ruport table operations, and of
course, have access to our entire formatting system:

t.save_as “foo.pdf”

Brian C. has also added a simple patch to make our DBI query
stuff supporting ActiveRecord style conditions.

== Get it ==

gem install ruport-util

== Disclaimer ==

ruport-util is currently a package in flux. Do not expect stability,
completeness, or polish. That having been said, please feel free to
contribute bug reports and patches[1]. Also, if you have an
questions, let us know[2]


== Shameless Plug ==

For a comprehensive guide to Ruport, consider reading the Ruport Book
(by Gregory B. & Michael M.)

You can read the whole book online, or consider buying a PDF / Print
copy to support the project.
25% of our revenue goes to a worthy charity that is geek friendly,
Engineers Without Borders[3]