Ruport - how to wrap <a href=" "> tags around text inside a ruport table

Anyone know how to embed a hyperlink in a ruport table? The url is in
mysql. I’m using,after much head-banging, report_table_by_sql to build
a ruport table, which of course, also now contains the url text. I
want to diplay each url as a hyperlink in the browser. I’m lazy an
would like to use a ruby/rails/ruport function of some sort to parse
this url and rewrite it as hyperlink (derivce text
from url
) as part of ruport.

Here’s an example:

This controller code generates a table:

#note : @low = 70 and @high = 100 thanks to params from a form…
#note “link” refers to WAN circuits and not hyperlinks…

@links = Link.report_table_by_sql [ "SELECT headend, out_90th_util,
bandwidth, hyperlink
DESC, out_90th_util DESC) t
GROUP BY link_key)t2
WHERE out_90th_util > ? AND out_90th_util < ? ", @low,
@high ]

Here is the corresponding view code that generates simple table in a

Table Using Ruport

<%= @links.to_html %>

Here is a sample from the browser:

out_90th_util hyperlink bandwidth headend
3000000 arouter99

I need to subsitute something like this inside the report for the


I have not yet tinkered with ruport or rails enough to have much of
clue. I’m hoping to get this working so I don’t revert back to perl.
I must admit perl is looking pretty attractive at this point ;-)… I
could try to wrap the http:// in tags inside mysql. But I would like
to know if it can be done in ruport (if I don’t have control of the
database table).

Thanks to anyone who bothered to read this far!

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