Ruport Day has begun!

== It’s Ruport Day! ==

Hi everyone, just letting you know that Ruport Day 2006 has officially

The contest is open registration all the way up until the last minute,
so feel free to join up if you haven’t yet.

The way you join is by adding yourself to the list of participants on
the wiki page[0] and then adding yourself to the contest mailing list
so you can make submissions.

Please read over all the updates on the wiki page so that you’ll be up
to speed on how things will work.

Also, note that this contest is also more-or-less a 24 hour long
Ruport tech support session, so anyone who has questions or ideas
they’d like to share, please do hit up the Ruport mailing list, or
catch us in IRC.

Even if you don’t have much to ask about, stop by and say hello if you
use Ruport or might be using it soon. Our community is growing fast,
and it’d be great to use this as a day to get to know each other.

== For Participants ==

Please check ruport out from trunk. The version should show as 0.4.99
Also, hop onto IRC or the contest list and say hello when you’re
getting started, so that we can add your name to the scoreboard.

== Resources ==


We are in the #ruport channel on Freenode

== When ==

This contest will run from 4am to 4am UTC (12am to 12am EDT).

On 8/13/06, Gregory B. [email protected] wrote:

== It’s Ruport Day! ==

We’re now past the halfway point, and support for SVG graphs is
definitely the key feature that we’ve gained so far!

As much as it’s fun to watch jh power through Ruport and rack up the
points, we’d love to see some competition, so please do join us if
you’ve got some time today.

I wrote a quick writeup of the morning so far here:

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