Ruport 1.4

Hi folks,

Ruport 1.4 is now ready, so please try it out and let us know what you

For those not familiar with Ruport, it is a business reporting toolset
for Ruby. You can find more details on our website:

== What’s new? ==

This release mostly focuses on modularizing different Ruport
components, tightening up the core a bit.

However, we have added a few features to make things a little easier,
mostly tweaks to the formatting system. Here’s just one of many:

table.save_as “foo.csv” # generate a CSV
table.save_as “foo.pdf” # generates a PDF
table.save_as “foo.my_format” # Calls the renderer and looks for a
formatter for my_format.

For details, check out this blog post:

== Get it ==

sudo gem install ruport

If you need activerecord support:

sudo gem install acts_as_reportable

If you need DBI support:

sudo gem install ruport-util

== Learn More ==

The Ruport Book is now content complete, with PDF cuts being regularly
released to those who have preordered.
The printed copy is expected to ship in the first or second week of
January, if not earlier.

We will soon have the full content available for free on the website:

However, if you can’t wait, feel free to pick up a pre-order of the
PDF or printed copy:

For general questions, You can always find help on our mailing list:

Enjoy, and merry christmas!


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