Runtime error - Empty Device Address in GRC Flowgraph build


After installing GRC into Ubuntu 15.05 64bit I get the following error
when trying to run a GRC flow graph example:-

RuntimeError: LookupError: KeyError: No devices found for ----->
Empty Device Address

A uhd_find_device command successfully returns the serial number from my
USRP B100 in TERMINAL. However, as I say, the flowgraph wont build as it
doesn’t appear to be able to locate my USRP B100 via its USB connection.

“” successfully runs and running uhd-usrp.rules
to moves rule file to /etc/udev/rules.d/ carries out ok too.

However, again, I’m still unable to build a successful GRC flowgraph
with my B100.

I leave the device address empty in the GRC UHD USRP Source block but
again, GRC wont build the flowgraph and returns the above error message.

Please help as I’ve spent days trying to get GRC to install and operate

Many thanks in advance,


When running uhd_find_devices, do you happen to use “sudo”?

On 08/15/2015 06:58 AM, Mark wrote:

Many thanks in advance,


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Have you tried just putting a device address in?



in the device address field in your flow-graph