Running (OFDM) with XCVR2450?

Hey guys,

we are trying to get run the / (OFDM) in order
measure the datarate between two USRP2 (located with distance of 1 m)
daughterboards XCVR2450.
We are running the benchmark_tx/ as follows: -f 2.4G --tx-gain=10 --tx-amplitude=0.8 -v -f 2.4G --rx-gain=4 -v

We already tried to tune the parameters by analyzing the spectrum by
gnuradio-companion. It looks reasonable and the SNR is round about 20 dB
which should be fine?
Unfortunately, we don’t get any packets transmitted. The RX side always

Our configuration is as follows:

  • Ubuntu 10.04
  • gnuradio 3.5.1 (installed freshly)
  • UHD firmware version 003.003.001
  • XCVR2450

Has anybody already got the run with a similar
configuration? Has anybody an idea what we are doing wrong?

Thanks in advance for your help! Best Regards, Florian