Running the beast forum for the first time

Hey guys,

so I think I’ve done my installation of the beast forum correctly. Its
done the database migration and all the tables look fine. Now, when I

ruby script/server

and point my browser at http://localhost:3000/ I get a “500 Internal
Server Error” error.

Anybody know whats causing this? I’ve been trying to work it out for
ages now and its wrecking my head so please help!

some server outputs would help.

check your log files

On Jun 24, 3:21 pm, Pepe J. [email protected]

Hey guys,

I sorted this out in the end,

thanks for your help anyway. Having a little trouble with posting to
the beast forums so please check out that post if you get a chance


On Jun 24, 11:30 pm, “[email protected]” <ESPN3.DL-